Refund Policy

You can request our refund service under the following conditions:

√ Within 7 calendar days from the day of receiving the product if the product has no factory defects, has not been activated, and is in a new or like-new condition.

√ Within 7 calendar days from the day of receiving the product, if the product has a factory defect.


The refund service will not be provided under the following circumstances:

× If the request is made after 7 calendar days from receiving the product.

× The product sent to DJI for a refund does not include all original accessories, attachments, or packaging or is not in new or like-new condition, i.e., it has cracks, dents, or scratches.

× Legal proof of purchase, receipt, or invoice is not provided, or there is a reasonable suspicion of forgery or alteration.

× Any product error or damage is caused by unauthorized use or modification of the product, including exposure to moisture, entry of foreign objects (water, oil, sand, etc.), or improper installation or use.

× Product labels, serial numbers, water resistance indicators, etc., show signs of tampering or alteration.

× Product damage is caused by uncontrollable external factors, including fire, floods, strong winds, or lightning strikes.

× The product is not delivered to DJI within 7 calendar days after receiving the confirmation of the refund service from DJI.

× Other circumstances specified in this policy.


Instructions for Return and Refund

If you want to submit a request for return and refund, please do so within 7 calendar days of receiving the product by filling out the complaint form.

We will review your return and refund request within 8 working days.

Note: Refund processing may be delayed during events.


Refund Processing Time

Refunds will be processed using the same method used for payment. The refund process will be completed in approximately 7-14 working days, depending on the bank or credit card issuer.


Return Costs

Customers are responsible for bearing the costs of returning the product to the specified service center (including cross-border and international delivery costs, if applicable), unless the return is due to performance-related issues.